Januar 9, 2024 Circuit of Champions event (14/12- 04/01) – Dragon Racing 🏁

In this epic free-for-all race, eight fearless players will take to the skies atop their mighty dragons, vying for victory in a heart-pounding contest that pushes the limits of skill and strategy. The rules are simple, but the competition is fierce – three laps will determine the ultimate dragon racing champion!

As you navigate through the enchanting aerial tracks, keep your eyes peeled for special items strategically scattered throughout. These game-changing power-ups will give Dragoneers the edge they need to outmaneuver their rivals and secure a place at the front of the pack. From speed boosts to tactical advantages, the race is not just about flying; it’s about mastering the art of Dragon Racing strategy!

The fiercest Dragoneers will not only secure their place in dragon racing history but also unlock access to exclusive rewards that will leave them breathless. From legendary dragon gear to rare in-game currency and beyond, each victory in Dragon Dash brings you one step closer to a treasure trove of gaming riches!

Rise to the challenge, conquer the skies, and claim victory as you become the fastest Dragoneer of the Circuit of Champions event. Are you ready to spread your wings and join the Dragon Racing mode? The Dragons await – let the adventure begin!

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