January 11, 2021 Happy New Year! Here is the latest information about Century!

First thing first, Happy New Year from the Playwing team! We hope you had a good holiday season and that you will continue to follow us throughout 2021! Today we’re going to talk about what to expect from Century: Age of Ashes in terms of content.

A game made with love

Century: Age of Ashes is the project of a small team based in Bordeaux, France. Playwing is made up of around thirty developers who have been working for nearly two and a half years on this project which is very close to their hearts. Our approach to development has been to work on a solid foundation which will be built upon over the months. That’s why we chose Steam Early Access, to improve the experience based on your feedback.

When the game will launch in February, there will be three classes to choose from: Marauder, Windguard, and Phantom. That means three gameplay styles, but also different synergies that we created thanks to a subtle balance. There will also be three big maps (Hünavatn Lake, Fjalnärr Basin and Aldrün Sanctuary), and three game modes (Carnage, Raid, Survival). For each of these contents, the philosophy was simple: quality rather than quantity. We prefer to publish fun and polished updates, rather than filling the game with half-baked content…

Early Access

Even if a lot of additional content is already planned, Century: Age of Ashes will still be a Steam Early Access game with a limited content at launch. Additional game modes, classes and maps will enhance your experience and will be created based on your feedback. To help us in this mission, please share your suggestions on Twitter or Discord – we try to answer you as much as possible!

At Playwing, we strongly believe in building a video game based on the expectations and requests of gamers. This is also why the Century: Age of Ashes Early Access should be viewed as a solid first foundation, not a game full of content.

And now?

Since we like to accompany our news with a fresh video, this week we want to share the work of our talented composer, Marcus Hedges. He just published one of the wonderful tracks he wrote for Century, we hope you will enjoy it! We’ve also posted a bunch of wallpapers on Imgur!

As for the next deadlines, get ready to discover the gameplay of the game in detail in the coming days, as we’re working on the gameplay trailer. See you in late January for the launch of our first Closed Beta! Please follow us on TwitterFacebook, and Discord for more information!


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