October 26, 2023 New Dragon breeds have landed in Century!

Over the past few weeks, two new breeds of Dragons have been introduced in Century: Age of Ashes: Strongscales and Clousplitters. One of them may remind you something 😉

Keep your eyes peeled, trustable sources affirm they observed some other unknown species in the lands…

Cloudsplitters ☁️

Throughout the Age of Ashes, there has been several accounts of a one-of-a-kind bird sharing the same traits as the numerous dragons that roam the land: Sizeable wingspan, incredible speed, piercing talons, and the capacity to carbonize a small hamlet in minutes. Some believe its appearance marks the dawn of a new age, while others think this continent could use less egg-laying, fire-breathing creatures.”

Strongscales 💰

“Strongscales first arrived in Sarghild thanks to a sailor bringing back a cluster of eggs from an uncharted land west of the Grey Sea. Hëd, -“the firstborn” in old Sarghild dialect- was found to be incredibly docile and capable of steadily haul heavy burdens most dragons would drop without hesitation. He became Sarghild’s first carrier dragon, and his descendance followed in its flight path.”

Yes, you’re not dreaming. That good old Eduardo finally took part in the battle!
Bored of carrying gold for centuries and witness the slaughter of thousands of his kind, Hëd, ancestor of the Strongscales breed, rioted. After all, he was also capable of spitting fire and burn the posterior of his enemies. Take care because despite looking goofy, these years of hauling weights grant him an immeasurable strength!

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