December 19, 2020 New Gameplay Trailers and Closed Beta Information Coming Soon!

What a week! Last Thursday we revealed Century: Age of Ashes during The Game Awards pre-show and your response was fantastic. Many of you have joined us on Discord, asked questions on Twitter, and wishlisted the game on Steam. On behalf of the entire Playwing team, thank you very much! We can’t wait to see you in the skies!


Let’s talk about the future!

With this wonderful community gathered around our project, we receive a lot of extremely interesting questions every day. Want to know everything about Century: Age of Ashes? We can’t wait to share more! Here’s what to expect in the next few weeks.

Starting in January, we will unveil more information about the gameplay with new trailers. In the coming gameplay trailer, we’ll be showing off game modes, a lot of gameplay mechanics, the classes you can choose from, and many other features. For example, one of the best ways to launch into the skies is to ride columns of wind scattered throughout the map—a fantastic way to escape pursuers and gain strategic advantages! Keep eyed riders will spot this and many other features shown!

We’ll also be releasing another video more fully introducing each of the classes available when we launch Century: Age of Ashes into Closed Beta and Early Access. Windguard, Phantom, Marauder all have their individual strengths and this trailer will share more details about the abilities of each class, their role in a team, and the synergies you can create with them. Since each class is made up of a rider and a dragon, we’ll also be covering some of the skins and customization options in more detail. Are you ready to discover some legendary dragons!? Here’s a sneak peek!

What to expect from the beta?

The first Closed Beta will launch mid-to-late January. This will be a big step for us as it is the first time we will let a large number of players try our beloved project.

If you’ve been in betas before, you know that no game is free of technical issues. This is why we want to test and move carefully. During the first beta, we know we will not be able to satisfy all players who have requested access. As keen dragon fans ourselves, we appreciate your enthusiasm, but we need to be sure of Century’s level of stability before opening the doors wide. The team here at Playwing wants your first experience with Century: Age of Ashes to be as amazing as possible. 

If you don’t get access during this first test session, don’t worry, a second session will follow shortly after. We plan to welcome more people and even offer a reward to thank players for participating in the playtest… More on that later!

— Century: Age of Ashes (@PlayCentury) December 17, 2020


Want more?

Follow Century: Age of Ashes on social media for the latest news. We’ll be sharing more about the game, new gameplay clips, and answering questions, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Want to get involved with the community? Join us on Discord! This is the perfect place to ask questions, talk about the game (or other topics), and discover some incredible fan art!

You can also help us by wishlisting the game on Steam!

See you next week, Dragoneers!

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