We have exciting news to share with you today! First of all, the update all of you were waiting for: our second closed beta will take place from March 12th to March 21st. Here is a preview of what we will  add / improve, and before you ask : YES, you’ll be able to turn off/on the motion blur ;).

Also, note that your progression from the first closed beta has been reseted, but you will keep your progress after this second closed beta for Early Access. 

Gates of Fire

The Gates of Fire mode didn’t create unanimity among you. So we decided to review it a bit to make it more balanced and thrilling. 

  • Changing the number of rounds to a BO3 + an eventual 4th round in case of a draw, in order to avoid the exp draw exploit
  • Reviewing the sound design in order to make the game mode more epic
  • Improve the balancing by adding more spawn emplacements for the flag, and make it appear a bit later after the start of a round
  • Genaral UI / Fx  improvements to make the objectives clearer

Matchmaking & Game modes

A lot of you decided to stay on the Rookie mode until level 20 because it was a 3v3 mode on a smaller map. Unfortunately, this impacted the new players that were facing experienced Dragonners on their first games. We understand that getting stomped in your first games is not the best feeling.  

  • Adding a MMR notion to the queue, and put same level players to the same games
  • Rookie will be only accessible until level 10
  • Adding the Skirmish mode : a BO5 3v3 game mode that will replace the Rookie mode for level 10 players and above. All the controls will be available at the first round
  • A Free Flight mode will be available. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the Dragon’s controls and play against an enemy bot. 

Other Improvements

  • Adding a penalty system for the leavers
  • The shop will be open! You’ll be able to spend your earned currencies, but won’t be able to pay with real money
  • Leaderboard will be available
  • Global ping improvement
  • Improving the Mouse / Keyboard controls
  • General sound design improvements to improve the sensation when you hit an enemy
  • Progression system has been rebalanced. We want the level up system to feel like an accomplishment


We know that a lot of you will be disappointed, but you won’t be able to pet your dragons.

Dragon petting is not something “vital” for our game launch, since it doesn’t impact the general gameplay. But we know that you want to bond more with your mount, that’s why we are highly considering it my a future update. 

Also, you noticed that since the second closed beta will be in March, the early access won’t be in February, as announced. We are a small team, and quality is important for us. That’s why we took the decision to postpone the early access to the first week of April. 

We hope that we will be able to meet your expectations and are thrilled to start this adventure with you. You are now 2,500 on this server, and more than 60,000 people requested access to the Playtest. 


And it’s just the beginning! 

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